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I love the ease of renewal and the lowest price around!
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Why Choose BondsExpress for Your Surety Bond Needs?

BondsExpress has been the leading surety bond agency since 1967, with a dedicated focus on providing surety bonds at the lowest cost possible. When other surety bond agencies shy away from types of bonds that are higher risk or harder to find approvals for, we step up to the plate for you and find options for you.

Fill out our online application now to get the surety bond you need - you won't be disappointed with our prompt, professional service.

BondsExpress stays constantly informed of new bonding policies required by each state. Our dedication to keeping your business bond requirements up to date on our web site is one of our top priorities.

We make it fast and EASY for you to find the surety bond you are looking for, whether that is a new bond required by your state licensing agency or a renewal of an existing bond you have.

Our focus is on simplifying your surety bond needs. Our instant, online approvals give you a surety bond number by email in most cases, and with overnight shipping options you don't have to wait weeks to get the bond you need.

Fastest Surety Bond Approvals in the Industry

When you apply online, your bond application will get a response in hours, not days!

Your application is sent immediately to our underwriters, where it will be reviewed and responded to immediately. If our underwriters need additional information, you'll be notified via email. Choose your state from the list above to find the bond you need, or search for it in the search box above.

Helping You Get The Bonds You Need

With the largest selection of surety bonds available for application online, our website is sure to help you find the bond you need. BondsExpress offers thousands of license & permit bonds, motor vehicle dealer bonds, court bonds, contractor bonds, notary bonds, and ERISA bonds.

License & permit bonds are the type of bonds that are typically required by a state agency or organization in order for you to receive the business license you must have to conduct business. The majority of surety bonds are in fact license and permit bonds.

Performance bonds, bid bonds, and payment bonds are contract-specific bonds available for contractors. These types of surety bonds offer greater protection to the hiring organization or person.

Court bonds are a broad category of bonds that include surety bonds needed for legal proceedings. These include trustee bonds, mechanics lien release bonds, probate bonds, and fiduciary bonds.

Understanding The Surety Bond Terminology

We know surety bonds can be confusing, and sometimes you need a translator to help you understand the various words you're reading! Our glossary of surety bond terms will give you the definitions to the words you're seeing, making it easier for you to find the bond you need and get your application started.

The key terms you need to be familiar with are "obligee", "principal", "suretyship", "underwriter", and "surety".

The obligee is the entity that requires the bond and that benefits from the protection of the surety bond. An obligee may be an organization, company, person, agency, or governing body.

The principal is bound by the bond and is responsible to fulfill their duties and responsibilities of the contract entered into between themselves and another party.

If the principal defaults, the surety must meet the requirements of the bond and protect the obligee from loss according to the terms of the bond.

Suretyship is the state of obligation of one entity (usually the surety company) to answer to another party (the obligee) when the responsible party defaults.

An underwriter is responsible for reviewing key information an applicant provides on a surety bond application. The underwriter assesses the risk associated for the surety company to provide a bond to the applicant.

Premium Underwriting Services

We partner with multiple underwriters for the bonds that require application review before they can be approved, and make it our mission to find a surety company that will write your bond, even if you have bad credit or a poor credit history or financial blemishes on your record.

Did you know that we offer an individualized underwriting review for contractors needing performance bonds? If you have a low credit score, our underwriters take the time to review your business history, background in the industry, and reputation in your field.

That means that to us, you are more than your credit score!