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Colorado Motor Vehicle Salesperson Bond - $15,000 for $90

To sell motor vehicles in the State of Colorado, you must first be licensed.  One of the prerequisites of licensure is to obtain a Colorado Motor Vehicle Salesperson Bond in the amount of $15,000.  The Colorado motor vehicle salesperson license has other requirements set forth by the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Bonds Express offers a Colorado Motor Vehicle Salesperson Bond with a 100% approval rateYou will be required to provide a signed application in order to get approval for a Colorado Motor Vehicle Salesperson Bond that we can offer to you at only $90 a year.

A surety bond protects the party requesting the bond, the Obligee, against any financial losses as a result of poor financial decisions, damages, unethical decisions, or a failure to follow state and local laws on the part of you, the Principal.  The Colorado Motor Vehicle Salesperson Bond holds you accountable for your business decisions.

By possessing a Colorado Motor Vehicle Salesperson Bond, you are telling your Obligee that you can be trusted as a Principal and that you stand behind your business decisions.

All year, even throughout our busiest season, we will mail you a Colorado Motor Vehicle Salesperson Bond,printed on the official bond form that your Obligee requires, by the end of our business day if your order is received before 1pm EST

All Colorado Motor Vehicle Salesperson Bond orders received after 1pm EST will be processed and mailed within 1 business day.

No one is turned down. We do NOT need your Social Security Number and there is NO credit check.

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