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Court Bonds

Court bonds are necessary to ensure protection against possible loss as a result of the outcome of court proceedings.

Court Bonds are divided into two types: Judicial and Fiduciary.


Judicial Court Bonds are needed for civil actions in Civil, State and Federal Courts in addition to United States Admiralty Courts.  The Judicial Court Bonds are often divided into "plaintiff," or "defendant;" but they may also be referred to as "voluntary," or "compulsory."

Civil, Federal or State Court Bonds

The following bonds are common bonds required by either plaintiffs or defendants who as a result of litigation.

Abandoned or Unclaimed Property Court Bond

Appeal Court Bond

Assignee Court Bond

Attachment Court Bond

Counter-Replevin Court Bond

Court Cost Bond

Indemnity to Sheriff Court Bond

Injunction Court Bond

Marshall Court Bond

Mechanics Lien Release Court Bond

Non-Resident Court Cost Bond

Open Default Judgment Court Bond

Release of Attachment Court Bond

Replevin Bond

Restraining Order (TRO) Court Bond

Stay of Attachment Court Bond

Stay of Execution Court Bond

Supersedeas Court Bond

Writ of Possession Court Bond

United States Admiralty Court Bond

United State Admiralty Court Bonds are required of by US Admiralty Courts which have jurisdiction over maritime libel complaints resulting from the US Marshall service seizing a vessel as security for a claim.

Discharge or Release of Libel (Ship) Court Bond

Libellant's Cost Court Bond 

Limitation of Liability


Fiduciary Court Bonds are needed by a "fiduciary," who is a court appointed entity or person to administer the assets of another in a fair, legal and honest manner.  Fiduciary Court Bonds are divided into three classifications: Probate, Guardianship and Trustee Court Bonds.   

Probate Court Bond

Probate Court Bonds are necessary for fiduciaries that administer the assests of a deceased individual.

Administrator Court Bond

Bond of Personal Representative Court Bond

Estate Court Bond

Executor Court Bond

Guardianship Court Bond

Guardianship are necessary for fiduciaries that are responsible for the asset administration of a "ward," which is seen as an incapacitated or incompetent individual.

Conservator Court Bond

Custodian Court Bond

Guardianship of an Incapacitated Person Court Bond

Guardianship of a Minor Court Bond

Special Needs Trustee Court Bond

Veterans Service Center Manager Custodian Court Bond

Trustee Court Bond

Trustee Court Bonds are necessary for court appointed receivers and trustees who administer the assets of a business or individual.

Disbursing Agent Court Bond

Receivership Court Bond

Testamentary Trustee Court Bond

Trustee Court Bond

Trustees, Mortgagees, Attorneys or Foreclosure Court Bond


All Court Bonds, except some Fiduciary Bond types, require 100% collateral and usually cost 2-2.5% of the bond amount.

Court Bond approvals are based upon personal credit, financial statements, the bond amount and the type of bond required.  The more information you provide with your application, the quicker we can get you approved.

All necessary court order, or a copy of the will, must accompany the application to ensure approval.

BondsExpress never requires an application fee for Court Bonds.  All quotes are 100% free.