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Lost Title Bonds

Lost Title?  Stolen Title?  Defective Title?

Unfortunately, Motor Vehicle Title issues can occur to anyone.  When a Motor Vehicle Title issue arises, Bonds Express can provide a Lost Title Bond within 24 hours! 

Motor Vehicles or Mobil Homes without Titles require a Lost or Defective Title Surety Bond to register the vehicle in most states. The Lost or Defective Title Bond is accepted by the Department of Motor Vehicles or a Tag and Title Service as evidence of ownership. If ownership is contested during the bond term (usually 3 years) the Lost or Defective Title Bond will  reimburse the loss.

These Lost Title Bonds are readily available provided that you have some proof of ownership (receipt, bill of sale) for the vehicle in question.

Currently, to have a Lost Title Bond issued, you must supply written verification from your local Department of Motor Vehicles stating the correct VIN for your vehicle.

Currently, a Lost Tile Bond rate is only $15 per $1,000 (minimum of $100 total) of the vehicle amount as determined by your State Department of Motor Vehicles.  The Lost or Defective Title Bonds usually have a three year term which is non-renewable.